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Executive Issues

In cooperation with the Bureau of Justice Assistance, the Center for Court Innovation conducted a national survey on Leadership and Innovation in Criminal Justice. The survey participants included more than 600 senior agency leaders including police chiefs, prosecutors, community corrections and juvenile justice officials, chief judges, and state court administrators. Participants were asked to define innovation, identify their use of evidence-based practices, experience with trial and error, and their response to failure.

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The PEW Charitable Trusts conducted a podcast “After the Fact” that examined reforms in 33 states that helped cut imprisonment 33% while improving public safety. The podcast reviews the increasing prison population from the early 1970s to its peak about 10 years ago. It also addresses dollars saved and significant reforms to sentencing and corrections policies. The PEW Charitable Trust website has a detailed breakdown of the podcast, plus links to the 33 states it works with (including Illinois). For more information and to listen to the podcast, visit the PEW Charitable Trust website.

In 2016, the ILETSB Executive Institute was asked to conduct research on the benefits and costs of jail consolidation. The report contains information on organizational arrangement, specific case studies of consolidation success and failures, common themes related to considerations of jail consolidation issues, and recommendations for moving forward. The appendices mentioned in the report are lengthy so are not included here but if interested in obtaining these or for more information on the report, please contact us at contactei@iletsbei.org.

ILETSB Executive Institute Jail Consolidation Report

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