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FY 23 Camera Grant Program Announcement


The ILETSB is pleased to announce that the FY 23 Camera Grant Program –

Phase I is now open. Please click here to begin your application.

This year, the program is administered through the AmpliFund system. Please click here to learn more about creating an account and navigating the AmpliFund website. For additional questions please email PTB.Grants@Illinois.gov.

Currently, this program is offering reimbursement grants for cameras purchased between July 1, 2021 and June 30, 2023. Given the complex supply chain problems that occurred recently, the Board has been authorized to extend the eligibility period an additional fiscal year.

In addition to camera purchasing costs, the ILETSB grant funds can now be used for reimbursement of an agency’s related data storage costs. A separate funding opportunity for these requests will be made available in a subsequent grant opening later this Spring – Phase II. Details regarding this second opportunity will be published on the Board’s website as they become available.

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