Police Executive Role
in the 21st Century

Police Executive Role in the 21st Century (PER21C)

An executive development program designed to expand and enhance senior law enforcement leaders’ strategic leadership knowledge, skills, and abilities. Participants completing this program will build their individual, team, and organizational leadership competencies to address the challenges of emerging organizational and community needs.

This course is designed for chief executives and senior managers who ultimately will lead police agencies

Course Content Areas:

  • Executive Strategic Leadership
  • Managing the Intergenerational Workforce
  • Managing Diversity and Inclusion
  • Operationalizing Procedural Justice
  • Organizational Accountability: Force Management
  • Cases in Executive Decision Making
  • Labor-Management Relations
  • Fiscal Management: Budgeting and Planning
  • Foundations of Police Futuring
  • Leadership Dialogue: Handcuffed
  • Strategic Planning: Building a Sustainable Future
  • Succession Planning: Investing in Future Leaders
  • Career Mapping: Preparing for the Next Level

In addition to classroom discussions, these courses provide participants with the opportunity to network with law enforcement executives from other agencies.

Course topics and content may change or be modified from time to time, ensuring that topics are recent and relevant, to address emerging issues impacting policing and provide the most up-to-date information meeting the current needs of law enforcement leaders.

Course Format – The course consists of three webinar-based/traditional classroom modules (depending on the current CDC and IDPH guidelines), selected article reviews, textbook readings, and writing assignments that will require homework and will be graded. In addition to online/classroom discussions, this course provides participants with the opportunity to network with law enforcement executives from other agencies. In order to partake in PER21C successfully, all participants are required to have access to a (laptop) computer for daily use.

Prerequisites – Applicants must be sworn law enforcement officers or law enforcement support personnel employed by a local, state or federal agency who are senior law enforcement leaders (Chiefs, Deputy Chiefs, Captains) responsible for overseeing the development of policy and procedures in law enforcement agencies; and Lieutenants/Commanders who have completed the Police Mid-Management Role in the 21st Century course, or equivalent training, and have a minimum of 5 years in current rank

Required Reading – 

  • Handcuffed, Sparrow, Malcolm (2016)


Dates & Location

  • Module 1: TBD
  • Module 2: TBD
  • Module 3: TBD

Tuition Fee is TBD.

 Registration deadline is TBD.