Police Supervisory Role
in the 21st Century

Police Supervisory Role in the 21st Century (PSR21C)                 

This 100-hour supervisory course delivers the fundamental skills new supervisors and experienced supervisors, who have not completed formal supervisory training, need to be successful.  The course focuses on the role and function of the first-line supervisor in law enforcement agencies/organizations and it builds a solid introduction to management-level decision making. The course is designed to provide the foundation for the upwardly mobile supervisor in their agency/organization.

 Course Content Areas:

  • Navigating the Transition to Supervisor
  • Evolution of Modern Police Management
  • The DISC Model of Human Behavior
  • Supportive Supervision: Team Leadership
  • Leadership Tenets
  • Principled Policing: Police-Community Relationships
  • Principled Policing: Cultural Competence
  • Interpersonal Violence
  • Emotional Intelligence for Supervisors
  • Persons with Mental Illness/Behavioral Health Challenges
  • Police Culture and Stress
  • Mind Mapping for Supervisors
  • Legal Update for Supervisors
  • Liability Issues for Supervisors
  • Social Media: Your Responsibilities
  • Investigating Use of Force for Field Supervisors

Course topics and content may change or be modified from time to time, ensuring that topics are recent and relevant, to address emerging issues impacting policing and provide the most up-to-date information meeting the current needs of law enforcement leaders. 

Course Format – The course consists of three webinar-based/traditional classroom modules (depending on CDC and IDPH guidelines), selected article reviews, textbook readings, and writing assignments. In addition to (online) classroom discussions, this course provides participants with the opportunity to network with supervisory staff members from other agencies. In order to partake in PSR21C successfully, all participants are required to have access to a (laptop) computer for daily use.

Prerequisites – Applicants must be sworn law enforcement officers or law enforcement support personnel employed by a local, state or federal agency who have first-line supervisory responsibilities (implementing agency procedures and supervising/evaluating personnel) or who are preparing for advancement to a supervisory position within six months. 

Reference Text (Not Required) – 

  • Effective Police Supervision, More, H. W. and Miller, L. S., Routledge, 8thEdition (2017) ISBN 978-1138225183

Required Reading – 

  • The Bottom Line – A Management Primer for First Line Law Enforcement Supervisors, Meister, Arthur P., Telemachus Press (2016) ISBN 978-1-942899-82-2

Tuition Fee, TBD

Dates & Location 

  • Module 1: TBD
  • Module 2: TBD
  • Module 3: TBD

Registration deadline is TBD.