Evidence-Based Policing

So You Want Your Agency to be Evidence-Based and Data-Driven

Research is a part of the process of moving forward in any industry. Data from day-to-day police operations are strong drivers for research: data from use-of-force incidents, officer-involved shootings, accident investigations, impaired driving countermeasures, crowd control, criminal investigations, and other operations are essential to researchers in order to help improve performance of police departments. Help researchers help you. Building relationships with researchers will help us begin to speak a common language, delineating agency needs, and finding the right researcher to help meet those needs. New ideas and critically thinking about current affairs and the state of policing will help guide partnerships between agencies, officers, and researchers.

Encouraging individual officer contributions to science optimizes training, policies, and procedures; guides decision-making at the organizational and individual officer level; facilitates agency improvements and officer buy-in; and includes and values the contributions of all personnel.


  • Dr. Chris Bitner—Western Illinois University,
  • Dr. Joanne Kurt-Hilditch—University of Central Missouri—Missouri Safety Center,
  • Dr. Robert Kelly—Western Illinois University, and
  • Dr. Kimberley McClure—Western Illinois University

Please join us to learn about the tools available to you for facilitating evidence-based/data-driven policing. You can contribute to the newest research in the law enforcement field. Plan to attend “So You Want Your Agency to be Evidence-Based and Data-Driven” on Thursday, September 23 on Zoom.

Date, Time & Venue:

  • Thursday, September 23, 2021
  • 10:00 am – 11:00 am
  • Online, via Zoom

Registration is required and enrollment is limited. Registration deadline: Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Questions? Call (309) 298-2646 or send an email to hf-hotz@wiu.edu