New Chiefs Of Police Orientation 2021

New Chiefs of Police Orientation 2021

Enduring, Surviving, and Thriving as a Law Enforcement Executive, also known as New Chiefs of Police Orientation, is the one course a top law enforcement administrator must have to lead their department into the future.

The 2021 iteration of this course presents concepts, strategies, and information necessary for new police chiefs to efficiently and effectively lead their organization. The successful police chief must be many things to many people and sets the tone for the organization. The chief’s role calls for an awareness of multiple constituencies and agendas.

Police chiefs are leaders by the time they become chiefs, but leadership is a skill which undergoes continuous refinement and improvement. The chief must be adept at handling a variety of human resource issues, such as recruiting, hiring, retention, career development, and performance evaluation. Planning and budgeting are important tools which the new chief must use immediately. And, essential to survival as a police chief is a clear awareness of certain political realities that accompany the job and environment. Course topics include:

Political Survival
Mandated Requirements of Illinois Law Enforcement Agencies
Leadership Development
Legal Aspects of Police Leadership
Strategic Vision and Infrastructure
Operational Risk and the Police Executive
State and Federal Resources
Professional Associations

More information pertaining to the 2021 New Chiefs of Police Orientation will be coming soon.